Elinor Zino is the designer of Elinor Zino Bridal. She was born in Finland to a Swedish mother and a Moroccan Israeli father. In her late teens she moved alone to Israel to study fashion design in Shenkar where she got her BA degree. During her studies she became a successful model and she also met her husband Ram Boneh a model at a shooting set. Ram Boneh is the CEO of Elinor Zino Bridal today.  After her studies Elinor had a tiny studio in her back yard where shedesigned custom made evening gowns and bridal wear, during this period she also had two baby boys. By now Elinor realized that she had a special passion for bridal dresses and the whole industry fascinated her. She discovered all the colours and shapes the white fabric can give her.  Elinor Zino designs her dresses from a very intuitive standpoint and her Middle Eastern and Scandinavian roots can easily be seen in her design language. Elinor is naturally dragged to different ethnical tribe patterns mixed with new modern fabrics. Every dress made by Elinor has her fingerprints on it, if it’s in the details or as some other special surprise that only the person who wears the creation can see and feel special about.

"Could not have asked for a more kind, patient and creative service "

[Bride at Elinor Zino Bridal Studio]